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To be a dressmaker and to design your own dress takes a lot of courage, patience, knowledge and skills.

Also, you will need the sewing machine, scissors and sometimes much more. Despite all of this more and more people are starting to create their own clothing or have decided to have a dressmaker. The shopping for mass production sometimes is time consuming and we are not getting results we want. By shopping by different brands and sizes we are getting frustrated. The items have been made in China, the fabrics are not same as described, the image of the dress is wrong – we all know that experience. Also, the cost of the alterations does not make the items from China cheap.

To know what You want can help only professional dressmaker. The events in our lives are different and we are different. Situations are different. To be you and create the TRUE SELF IMAGE can help only professional dressmaker – fashion designer. And it is me and my name is “tincce”

I have a long experience in helping to build a self-image for ladies, to find a fabric for the dress , to make the measures, to make a picture what you want, to make YOUR OWN PATTERN, to create the outfit- is it a business or party- I can help You with all of that.

I can also to help with creating Your Fashion collection.

The prices are fixed after the image will be created.

To book a FREE consultation about my services you can leave me a message or e-mail

A FREE CONSULTATION will be offered if it is not longer than 30 minutes on PHONE

Creating a pattern

Making a dress for ladies

Making a skirt for children or ladies

Making the trousers for children or ladies

Making reusable face masks

Making Muslim dresses for women

Making a jacket for ladies

Making the garments for the hotels – such as table covers, curtains etc.

Alterations of your existing garments – such as dresses, jackets, skirts, trousers, or even curtains is available. The prices depend on the amount of the job.

Helping to prepare for a wedding party by making the curtains, table covers or other decorations

helping to create a personalised wedding bag

Making party bags & T-shirts

Every woman wants to look gorgeous and get attention from loved ones, yet not every woman knows HOW to do that in the real life. The time passe fast, the seasons are changing but how to be sure that we are ready for the next season or unexpected celebrations. The key to the polished look and confident posture is in building own wardrobe- rather than spending the fortune in the last minute for quick bargain dress. We each are unique and so the wardrobe supposed to be very special. The secret of a good wardrobe is a CHECKLIST- what do you really want or need.


  1. Write out on the peace of the paper what do you really want or need.
  2. Think where you every day are going or how you would like to look
  3. Start with basics
  4. Ask help for professionals who are experts in fabrics, styles and proportions.

“Tince Design Studio”  is a brand created exactly to help and serve the clients who want to build own wardrobe and surprise yourself and loved ones with outfits you will

The costs of the services will be decided after creating the image of the dress or the item.
The dress or other item of Your chosen image will be started to make after paying the 50 per cent of the price until the first fitting will take place.


Dress designer: Tince Benmouhoub

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