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My story

My story:

Born in Happy 1970-s in beautiful countryside of Latvia and surrounded by quiet and peaceful environment At age of five by the influence of Omamma (grandmother) started to learn first-hand works such as knitting, sewing techniques and embroidery.

1991-1996 studied in two main Latvian Fashion Schools. In 1996 received diploma of Modeliste - specialised in patterns and dress constructions for ladies. After finishing the schools proceeded in to work in two main Fashion Houses in Latvia. In 2001 established my company “Tince Design Studio”

In 2004 receive EU Master Diploma in dressmaking and tailoring.

In 2005 created my first Fashion collection in Latvia. Then followed another one in Hotel Radisson SAS.

In 2006 decided to learn more and went to live in UK.

In 2007 married, have two children.

In 2020 celebrating my return.

I am reaching out the world and saying I am back – with all my best what I have gathered during my life. It is the beginning of my mission.

 Inspired by Versace, John Galliano, Coco Chanel I cannot stay aside.

Design is a tool that allows us to reach out and inspire, to touch others and make happy, make lives fulfilled and beautiful.

I am realistic about era where we are living, but it does not stop me dreaming of beauty of romantic or sparkly dresses.  I specialise in ladies’ dresses and jackets in all age

The age is changing all the time. We are creating our reality.



                                                  (Tince Benmouhoub)

Dress Designer: Tince Benmouhoub


We are born to be happy

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