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“Tince Design Studio” is a brand created for ladies and girls which specialise in casual dresses, business dresses, party dresses. dancewear, and helping in preparations for parties.

We can look good in any circumstances if we have developed our own style and self-image. We become more confident when we are happy what we are wearing.

The success starts with attitude. To earn the attention from people you dear and love starts with a self- love.

Good self-image is a way of communication without the words. Know what you want, and you will achieve it. We always can if we know how.

To be a dressmaker and to design your own clothes takes a lot of courage, knowledge and skills Despite of this more and more people have interested in learning how to make their own dress, learn the design of the dress and learning new skills to achieve the results.

The HAND MADE dresses are returning in fashion because we want to feel special to people, we love. The duty of the dress and the self-image is to represent our character, mood and overall, our attitude to others and life.

The ATTITUDE is compound of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Whether they are positive or negative, those feelings will be displayed through your actions, behaviour and the dress you are wearing as a result of choice.

To positive attitude is a good start of choosing the perfect dress or outfit.

The professional dressmaker and dress designer are providing dressmaking services and fee advice to help you be prepared for a Birthday party, Christmas party or Wedding.

The dress will be made from your chosen fabric and made by measure, following the size chart provided below.

The shopping online has made our lives easier. It allows us to avoid long ques and crowds and we can do that from the comfort of our home. It is particularly important when we want to avoid the pandemonium in the shops.

There is a new style of shopping must come a habit – the online shopping.

However, there are also negative experience connected with shopping online. It relates to the issues that items are made in mass production and the images are not equal to the products. The disappointment goes if the size is wrong or the fabric is different.

With all this in mind we have created perfect SIZE CHART for girls from 2- 16 to find the right size.


  1. Height- without the shoes measure from the top of the head to the ground.
  2. Chest- measure under arms at the fullest part of the chest.
  3. Waist-measure around the natural waistline.
  4. Hip- measure at the fullest part of the hip.
  • For example if you have a height of 50”inches ,a chest of 26” inches, a waist of 23.5 “inches and hip measurement of 28”inches ,you will fall into “ Size 8” category, and so on so forth.
  • Of course, sometimes it is not straight forward since every one of us has unique shape and so the measurements are unique,
  • If You are lucky to find Your measurements are close to the SIZE CHART measurements, then look no further. However please contact us for more questions.
  • In general, every style is different and straight tops or sleeveless dresses are easier to measure than close to the body shape dresses.



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