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All we need to go to the party is a sparkle and glitter. This dress will be perfect outfit for the party season to look classic and romantic. The pattern is simple, and it is advisable to wear a cream or light shade top under it. The straps are adjusted by using buttons at the back detail for easier dressing up. The hem of the dress is made up by using hand stitch.

  It goes well together with special socks and lacquer shoes. To make the hairstyle special you need a special headband for a party.

Be creative, be bright!

The size of this dress is: 8- 9 years girls.

The width under arms: !4” or 35 cm (half measure)

The width at waist area: 17” or 43 cm (half measure)

The length in total from shoulder to length: 27 “or 68 cm.

The length of the straps in total is 15” or 38 cm.


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